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Engagements With Us: Tailor a consulting relationship that meets your company's strategic objectives.

"The BEST BODY Shop in the business...": Need temporary help? Tap our extensive network of tech pro's via Support Services.

Technology Watch: Tips for running your own tech project; relevant downloads and personalized content available on demand to members.


Why our customers can't wait to get our bill...": Value Added Invoicing will help you understand the dollar value of your technology decisions.

Stop living in a lessons learned world: Do you manage the plan?  Or does the PLAN manage YOU? Scoreboard can help.

"Beware of the disappearing tech pro...":  Invest in your own team rather than consultants through Knowledge Transfer with us!


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Find the "best and brightest" in one of our strategic enterprise technology products.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Visit the CRM home page for valuable information in running your own project.

Enterprise Portals: Who makes the best portals? How you can use portals to reduce your technology costs.


 RECENT NEWS in General Information
DeKemper named as best place to work in IT for 2004
DeKemper & Associates has been named as one of the "Best Places To Work in IT" by ComputerWeekly which recognizes and rewards the UK's best employers of IT professionals. Companies are generally described as highly enlightened, imaginative and employee focused and employ best practices that area blueprint for other IT departments to follow.
(See Full Article) - ComputerWeekly . 07 October 2004
DeKemper named Champion of Industry for 2004
DeKemper & Associates has been named to receive a 2004 Forbes Champions of Industry Award- an annual award given to companies who've demonstrated extraordinary growth and performance.
(See Full Article) - 07 October 2004
High Click Rates aren't always best - What DeKemper Learned by tracking Post-Click Activity
CHALLENGE: "We had trade show burnout," says Dan DeKemper President DeKemper & Associates.
If you are a business services marketer, definitely check out this Case Study to see how a high-priced IT consultancy tested lead generation ads in email newsletters and on Web sites. Includes actual copy from the ads and data on which offer worked best. Plus, includes details on how DeKemper created a print (not email) newsletter that sales prospects love. We've also included a PDF sample of that newsletter for you to steal ideas from.

(See Full Article) - Marketing Sherpa. 07 October 2004
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